Sustainable Food Production and Waste Control Seminars Hosted by EMNZ in June

Don’t miss your chance to see an internationally renowned speaker near you. Dr Ravi Sangakkara will be visiting the upper North Island in early June to give a series of seminars on how our communities can grow healthy food sustainably while also reducing waste and our carbon footprint.

This seminar series featuring Dr Ravi (Sri Lanka) and EMNZ founder Mike Daly, will focus on demonstrating a number of initiatives that will appeal to a widespread audience from vineyard managers through to waste conscious home gardeners,  these include:

  • How to process and utilise our organic waste in an efficient and natural way using EM® technology & Bokashi Composting
  • Growing food naturally with minimal fertiliser inputs using EM technology
  • Increasing soil biology and enhancing the environment
  • Vineyards- the many uses of EM, and the resulting success!
  • Odour control and waste water processing
  • EM® technology - How it works, Case studies internationally and in NZ
  • EM® use in the garden and in farming environments
  • Large scale composting and odour control using EM®
  • Kitchen Bokashi compost system - a success story, Commercial food waste recycling…recent developments and case studies of commercial waste to garden recycling

Much of the current environmental pollution has been created by unsustainable growing techniques, and poor disposal options for the waste. Using Effective Microorganisms and Bokashi can help solve these problems, and lead to a system that will require minimal inputs,  and reduce the environmental impact.

The events are scheduled for:

  • June 3 in Raglan at the Environment Centre from 730-9pm
  • June 4 in Helensville at Peacemakers from 4-6pm
  • June 6 Waiheke Island at Transpacific Meeting Rooms from 7-830pm

For more information or to RSVP to one of these sessions please email