Improved Rumen Function

Microorganisms in the digestive tracts of ruminant livestock have a profound influence on the conversion of feed into end-products which have a huge impact on the animal. By improving rumen function we can see benefits in production and the health and vitality of the animal. The microbes in EM inoculate the animals rumen with millions of beneficial microorganisms and improve rumen function through:

  • Increasing forage utilization and improving the productive efficiency of ruminants
  • Improving the microbial fermentation in the rumen
  • Increased digestion of dry matter
  • Improving nutrients availability
  • Restraining the growth of the harmful toxin-producing fungi
  • Improving microflora in intestines

Supporting Information

In sacco probiotic properties of effective microorganisms (EM) in forage degradability

The Effects of EM on nutritive values of fungal treated rice straw