Microbial Inoculants | What, How and Why they can benefit your Garden


Microbial inoculants are soil amendments that can be added to your soil to improve the overall quality of your soil, as well as enhance the growth of strong and healthy plants. Microbial inoculants are a blend of microorganisms that work with the soil and the soil life to improve it's fertility and health. These microbes are not only helpful to plants, but also stimulate and benefit other organisms and insects that aid in plant growth overall. This is a much more organic and natural approach than adding unnatural additives to your plants that may be harmful to the area around them. Microbial inoculants are a much safer and more natural approach to encouraging plant and soil health. 


Microbial inoculants will work to improve the quality of your soil. Beneficial microorganisms have a reviving action on growing systems and are completely safe to use. Microbial inoculants work for soil the way yoghurt works for our bodies - increasing the beneficial microorganisms which will improve soil health and function. If you are struggling to maintain healthy plants, a microbial inoculant works well in any garden! Microbial inoculants are also a great addition to any composting process, and will contribute to adding quality organic matter and food for your soil and plants. They are also a great addition to any other liquid organic fertilisers that you may be using.



First of all you will see huge benefits from using a microbial inoculant in your garden. A healthy soil grows healthy plants and flowers. It sounds simple but many gardeners struggle to get the balance right. Common issues include infertile, clay, contaminated and compacted soils, A quality microbial inoculant can significantly improve all of these issues and create a healthy fertility environment for growth. Healthy soils require diverse microbial activity to break down organic matter and fertiliser inputs to promote a healthy environment for plants. The result is strong plants, healthier flowers, greater resistance to diseases and pests, and higher quality fruits and vegetables and also less fertiliser use.

Thinking about trying a microbial inoculant for the first time? We have a wide selection of products that will help improve your soil and garden as a whole. Our EM1 Garden is a great place to start, and is easy to use.