New Product: Plant-Stim

New Product: Plant-Stim

Plant-Stim® is a cost-effective yield builder for all crop production (fruit, vegetables and cereals). This unique formulation includes major plant growth enhancers boosted with EM and Fulvic Acid to further enhance plant uptake. Application of this formula is designed to increase cell division rates which leads to production of larger root and shoot mass.

When sprayed on plants during growth periods, it activates secondary messengers leading to enhanced response in plants that can increase the brix level in fruit. Plant-Stim® also increases mineral uptake from the soil, increases leaf permeability to water and foliar nutrition and enhances plant photosynthetic rate.

Advantages of Plant-Stim

  • Boost Photosynthesis
  • Support hormone production in plants
  • Increase Yields
  • Enhance Clover Growth
  • Stimulate Plant Physiological Response
  • Lift Brix
  • Increase Leaf Area
  • Improves Plant Quality


Ingredients: Fermentation Extracts, Natural Acids, Phenolic Compounds, Secondary Metabolites, EM and Fulvic Acid.

Application Rate: