New Product: EM™ Foliar Enhance

New Product: EM™ Foliar Enhance

EM Foliar Enhance is a product designed to give your crops the best natural way to achieve both a high yield and crop quality. This high quality product is a combination of naturally harvested and high quality local seaweed, and a plant derived amino acid complex, fulvic acid and our fermented microbial inoculant - EM. This combination of growth stimulants can also help to reduce the effect of disease including common fungal diseases such as fusarium, pythium and rhizoctonia.

Advantages of EM Foliar Enhance

  • Provides plant nutrition to stimulate growth of crops and pasture
  • Provides plant growth stimulants
  • Delivers essential trace elements for a heathy crop
  • Contains and produces plant growth regulators
  • Provides amino acids to enhance nutrient uptake and healthy crop growth
  • Stimulates soil biology
  • Improves nutrient availability


Ingredients: EM, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Seaweed and Humic and Fulvic Acid.