EM™ Foliar Enhance Growth Trials

EM™ Foliar Enhance Growth Trials

EM Foliar Enhance is a product designed to give crops optimal potential to achieve both a high crop yield and quality. This product is a combination of naturally harvested and high quality local seaweed, and a plant derived amino acid complex, fulvic acid and our fermented microbial inoculant - EM. This combination of growth stimulants can also help to reduce the effect of disease including common fungal diseases such as fusarium, pythium and rhizoctonia.

Trial data

In 2020 we set out to design growth trials to show the effect EM foliar enhance would have on a Brassica crop. We planted and germinated forage rape seeds and after 6 weeks they were treated with a dose of 10L per ha of EM Foliar Enhance. They were treated for a second time 14 days later. The results showed that using EM Foliar Enhance rapidly increase shoot height and most importantly weight over the control.

Over the course of 30 days the plants grew on average 17% higher and weighed over 42% more than the unfertilised control. The dry weight of treatments showed that EM increased dry matter by 38%.

If these numbers were replicated on a paddock basis these results would equate to an extra 1.5t in DM. This equates to a significant return on investment for farmers.

Return on Investment

Cost of foliar enhance would be $2.80 per L @ 20L per hectare = $56
Return on investment (Dry Matter sold at 22c per kg) = $335