New Product: EM™ Foundation

New Product: EM™ Foundation

We are happy to announce the development of a new product for your Soils. EM Foundation is designed to enhance the activity and longevity of microbial activity in the soil. EM Foundation is a product which combines beneficial soil microorganisms (EM), Amino Acids, Plant Growth Stimulants, and complex food sources in the form of Fish hydrolysate and Humic and Fulvic acid. This combination is designed to stimulate bacteria and fungi, unlock soil bound nutrients and enhance the uptake of fertiliser inputs.

Why Activate Soil Biology

Scientific trials and soil surveys show that active soil microbes are a key component to healthy soils and important to ensure your soil performs. These beneficial fungi and bacteria improve nutrient availability and protect the crop from disease. We also know that as beneficial microbial populations decline, disease increases. The components in EM Foundation contain both EM which is a proven soil activator – stimulating and adding to the resident microbial population, and microbial food sources designed to activate soil microbes by feeding them to make a difference to your soil and crop. The main decomposition pathways in soil are either bacterial-based or fungal-based. Fungi and bacteria are the principle agents for the cycling of nutrients. 

The key benefits of using EM Foundation are:

  • Increasing soil microorganisms
  • Feeding the soil microbiome
  • Increasing the organic matter content of the soil
  • Enhancing nutrient uptake
  • Boosting plant hormone responses
  • Convert nutrients efficiently into plant available compounds
  • Improving soil structure
  • Boosting Earthworms
  • Providing readily available Amino acids
  • Stimulating plant root growth
  • Suppressing disease


Ingredients: EM, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Fish Hydrolysate and Humic and Fulvic Acid.

Application Rates: