New Product: EM™ Fulvic

New Product: EM™ Fulvic

We are happy to announce the development of a new product for your Crops. EM Fulvic is a concentrated liquid product containing 12.5% Fulvic acid combined with EM. Fulvic Acid is a powerful extract from humates which offers a host of benefits for both the soil and the plant. This product has been designed to mobilise and naturally chelate elements in the soil. EM Fulvic is also designed to be combined with liquid nutrition to enhance mineral uptake. Because of the small size of fulvic acid molecules, they will easily be absorbed by the plant roots, stems and leaves, carrying nutrients and growth promoting substances from plant surfaces into plant tissues. 

Why use Fulvic Acid in Foliar Sprays

Fulvic Acids are important for plants to obtain their nutrition from soil and foliar treatments. Fulvic acid enhances nutrient uptake and plant growth as plants grow, expand and develop their root system it is not always practical to maintain these levels in the soil. Foliar applied fulvic acids can be a more convenient way to promote growth when plants develop a full canopy. Following early bloom when fruit begins to size, crops daily nutrient demand can outstrip the ability of the soil to supply nutrients. Fulvic acid can provide extra help to the plants by improving nutrient availability and uptake during such critical growth stages.

Using EM Fulvic will:

  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Effective natural chelating agent
  • Provides microbial food source
  • Improves water storage to enhance drought resistance
  • Improves efficacy of applied products
  • High CEC binds nutrients in the soil to reduce losses
  • Ideal buffer of liquid N products
  • Can interact with sunlight to enhance photosynthesis


Fulvic Acid (12.5%), EM (80%) and Amino Acids (2%).