Waiheke Island Organic Gardeners Great Results

Waiheke Island Organic Gardener Claire Mummery showcases her great results with EM. She started using EM in her organic garden and now has introduced it to a vineyard she works at. Claire's success is focusing on creating and maintaining rich soil in a sustainable way.   From edible gardens in the home to full estate management, Claire can create sustainable environments for food to grow. Claire currently works as a garden manager/developer for Cable Bay Vineyards Ltd where she develops and manages sustainable food gardens and orchards using EM and nutrient dense fertilisers , she can provide strategic advice on large scale food waste system using bokashi, large scale composting and soil management, site development and sustainable plantings, food forests and practical courses.   

This is what Claire said about using EM "We have had amazing results with EM on our plants and seeds and chook health and in their pen, we even spray the chooks weekly with EM and their coats are healthy as and our veges are neigh on perfect. My fastest growing broccoli, 59 days to maturity and it was a 75-85 day seed. yeah loving it. EM rocks, I am using it on everything and have persuaded the vineyard to use it."

You can check out her website here - http://www.clairemummery.com/ 

The below photos show some of her great success.