EM™ For Pest Control

EM is not a pesticide and contains no inorganic chemicals. EM is a microbial inoculant that works as a bio-control measure in suppressing and/or controlling pests through the introduction of beneficial micro-organisms to soil and plants. Pests and pathogens are suppressed or controlled through natural processes by enhancing the competitive and antagoniostic activities of the micro-organisms in the EM inoculants.

Lactic acid bacteria which is a major ingredient in EM will suppress pathogenic microbes both directly, and indirectly, through the production of actinomycetes. EM produces an antioxidant effect which improves the immune system of plants and animals.


Spray plants and soil thoroughly, applying 10 litre of EM RTU per Hectare at a dilution ration of 1:100 or 1:1,000. 

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