EMNZ Named Finalist in 2023 Fieldays Innovation Awards

We are excited to be a 2023 Fieldays Innovation Award Finalist in the prototype category. This is for our exciting new plant growth promoting product Plant-Stim, Plant-Stim a liquid bio-stimulant that promotes increased plant growth and boosts crop resilience. Plant-stim contains 5 major growth hormones and a biological delivery system of Fulvic Acid and Effective Microorganisms.

“We have identified that an area with potential for yield improvements is via Bio stimulants or plant growth promoters,  instead of chemical or synthetic fertilisers that pose environmental risks. Bio Stimulants increase productivity and crop yield, improve plants’ tolerance to stress and their resistance to pathogens, and improve plant growth through mechanisms such as the mobilization of essential elements, nutrients, and plant growth hormones. They can be cost-effective and eco-friendly in nature, and they can increase crop yield in the range of 10–40% by increasing protein contents, essential amino acids, and vitamins, and by nitrogen fixation. This is where an innovation solution like Plant-Stim comes in and can play an important role in securing food security in the agricultural sector.” Mike Daly EMNZ

What makes this innovation so unique is that Plant-Stim contains 5 different plant hormones which all play a pivotal role in the regulation of plant growth and development. This unique combination of hormones to promote sustainable yield enhancement and help crops perform under stress.

“We want growers to be able to push for higher yields without the risk of environmental degradation, which can be caused by excess applications of chemicals” says Mike Daly.

Plant-Stim will be available from Spring 2023.